Volvo leg 7 update

The 'ice box' is announced

Saturday April 27th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom
With the latest reports showing icebergs drifting as far south as 42degN, the Volvo Ocean Race Race Committee has confirmed that there will be a prohibited area of North Atlantic for leg seven. This area is defined as being between 40 and 58degN and 45 and 51degW.

Leg seven of the Volvo Ocean Race kicks off tomorrow at 1300 local time with the start line set 0.5 miles north of Annapolis' famous Bay Bridge. The boats will then have to pass through a gate 6.5 miles from the start. The boats must then head south for more than 100 miles to get out of the Chesapeake Bay. This should be made all the more exciting as the forecast is for 20 knot SWly winds for the start.

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