Dee Smith comments

The man who Paul Cayard has replaced gives his view from the bench on Volvo's leg four
Paul Cayard and Dee Smith prior to the start... definitely one for a caption competition Amer Sports One tactician Dee Smith is sitting out leg four while he recuperates from surgery on his right shoulder. In Auckland before the start he worked with his stand-in Paul Cayard, navigator Roger Nilson and weatherman Roger Badham on the plan for the leg. Here Dee gives his commentry on this leg: Nilson and Amer Sports One, or the Fat Bottom Girl, does have a small high-speed problem that we have seen in past legs. We have worked very hard with our angles and sails to overcome this we saw a good improvement on leg three. Building on even more data in Auckland we came up with some more ideas that I'm sure have helped over the past few days. From my view here in an airport lounge, holding on to our top-three position is great after taking the lead for a while by gybing on the first wind shift. Boats that went the furthest south left themselves without options going east. Everyone knows there is more wind in the south. But using the wind shifts to their best advantage to get south is how you get ahead. Illbruck and Amer Sports One showed this over the last few days. Amer Sports One got south with a good shift and cut the corner as they went. Illbruck did as they always do, let one boat hit the corner and not risk their race lead. If Amer Sports One had come out way ahead, they would have lost only one point. If the boats to the south had gained, Illbruck could have dived hard to stay in touch - very smart sailing. Amer Sports One's risk was not great, because they went for the shift and were sailing straight for the