Bacardi Cup - Days 1&2

Percy and Barker both score in the top 10 on day 2 of the big-name Star regatta in Miami

Tuesday March 5th 2002, Author: Andy Rice, Location: United States
Iain Percy and Steve Mitchell romped home to second place behind Olympic Champions Mark Reynolds and Magnus Liljedahl on day two of the Bacardi Cup Star regatta in Miami.

Olympic Finn Champion Percy was sounding his usual laid-back self when he reported into madforsailing after a good day at the office. He was a whole lot happier than after race 1, when the fluky light winds turned the whole race inside out. This dropped Percy from sixth to 31st, while other new boys Ian Barker and Ed Peel did a climb from the thirties up to eighth in that race.

"I’d got the full-on temper, but I took it out on the tiller extension," admitted Percy. The carbon tiller shattered into useless pieces, but Percy reckoned it was a good form of anger management, better than hitting one of the sailors anyway, who asked Percy why he "hadn’t spotted that shift".

The second race was a big day out by comparison - with 20 knots and some big waves. Despite the introduction of a new weight limit to the class, the Bacardi Cup allows the bigger crews to compete. So it was no surprise to see some talented fat crews reach the windward mark in good shape in the big breeze. Paul Cayard and Phil Trinter rounded first, followed by Mark Pickel and David Giles, but both crews were among a number who were hauled out during the race for having been over the start line at the gun.

"That was pretty useful," said Percy, who sailed off to second. Barker was not too shabby either, scoring another result in the top 10, according to Percy. It was a day of attrition with the DSQs seeing off quite a few of the big guns and the big conditions accounting for some mast breakages.

Percy suffered his own first mast breakage just two days before the event when a death roll saw them catch the jib stick in the water. "Once you do that it’s game over," said Percy, his usual philosophical and none-too-concerned self. But he managed to keep his rig while all around him others were losing theirs during Monday’s race, and he and Barker seem to be picking up the black art of Star sailing quite quickly.

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