Tyco protested

News Corp and SEB seek redress

Saturday January 5th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Australasia

After an okay third place into Auckland for Kevin Shoebridge's Tyco, the pressure is on them once again following a protest that has been lodged against them by News Corp and SEB.This follows Tyco's disqualification from the Sydney-Hobart Race when they failed to call in on the radio prior to crossing Bass Strait, as required by the Sydney-Hobart sailing instructions.

The following notice has been issued by Bryan Willis, Chairman of the International Jury attached to the Volvo Ocean Race:

Notice of Hearing

Team News Corp has lodged a Request for Redress under rule 62.1(a), claiming they should be awarded redress because:

1. Tyco finished leg 3 and was awarded points to which she was not entitled

2. While racing in the Sydney to Hobart race, News Corp and SEB treated Tyco as if she were not a competitor.

Team SEB has lodged a similar Request for Redress.

The parties are: Team News Corp, Team SEB and the Volvo Ocean Race Committee

The authorised press observer, and an observer from each boat, are invited to attend.

Racing Rule 62.1(a) A request for redress or a protest committee's decision to consider redress shall be based on a claim or possibility that a boat's finishing place in a race or series has, through no fault of her own, been made significantly worse by ... an improper action or omission of the race committee or protest committee,

The preliminary hearing will be at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron at 1000 on Monday 7 January. The jury will hold the two hearings (4 and 5) concurrently.

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