Another evacuation?

Jason Carrington has decided to stay onboard Assa Abloy despite an intestinal upset.

Wednesday January 2nd 2002, Author: Peter Bentley, Location: Transoceanic

Jason Carrington at work in the Southern Ocean

Disaster is never far away in the Volvo Ocean Race. The latest casualty is Assa Abloy's bowman, boatbuilder and general Mr fixit, Jason Carrington. Carrington has been ill for three days and the crew were considering having him taken off the boat as they rounded Cape Reinga, the Northern tip of new Zealand. Following an improvement in his condition it has been decided to keep him onboard until the finish.

"The situation is not life threatening and Jason is a tough lad," said skipper Neal McDonald from onboard. Though the welfare of his crew is clearly paramount, McDonald also has a keen eye for the race. "He is in the bunk, eats and drinks again, so we continue to Auckland, fighting hard to keep our lead."

Carrington's problems started when he collapsed on deck just after the Hobart restart. The Englishman was laid down in a bunk and closely monitored by Assa Abloy's onboard medic, Klabbe Nylof. Carrington was running a fever, suffering from serious abdominal pains and had traces of blood in his urine. He was not able to eat or drink properly.

In a now familiar pattern the team consulted the official race doctors in England using a well rehearsed plan. Based on the advice from England, Nylof immediately started treating Carrington with heavy pain killers. As the situation did not improve quickly, Nylof continued treatment with intra muscular injections of antibiotics. From then on the fever dropped and Carrington is now in less pain. Assa Abloy remains in contact with the onshore doctors through Volvo Ocean Race headquarters.

In his latest report, Assa Abloy Navigator, Mark Rudiger says "Jason's temperature is normal this morning and he is feeling a bit better. Jason at this point would like to stay onboard unless Doctors advise he must depart."

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