On the road again

In part one of this interview Tracy Edwards talks to James Boyd about sailing with a mixed crew
It was with the grin of a Cheshire cat, that Tracy Edwards yesterday announced her plans to get her record breaking team back on the water. To do this she has purchased Grant Dalton's Club Med and the 110ft catamaran has been rechristened Maiden II until such time as Edwards secures sponsorship for the project. One of the principle objectives of Edwards' three year program is to break the Jules Verne Trophy with her all-female team, following unfinished business from her Royal & SunAlliance attempt four years ago when her catamaran was dismasted in the Southern Ocean en route to Cape Horn. Edwards also plans to enter the second running of The Race in February 2004 but in a significant departure from her previous campaigns, this will be with a mixed crew. "We felt that we wanted to close the circle," explains Edwards of this new turn. "We started on Maiden to prove that women could race around the world. We introduced a lot of great women sailors to the world of sailing. For us it was a means to an end, it was a way of getting girls onto the best boats in the best crews with the best sponsorship, which is what they're out there doing now. "The final thing which an all-female crew hasn't done is to race around the world non-stop. Plus it's a nice close: because we did the first one with stops, now we'll do the final one without stopping. And what we wanted was a situation where we don't want to become something which we accused the male crews of being. The Jules Verne is one thing, but when it comes to doing The Race, Miranda won't be there, because she's doing the Vendee Globe and there's three or four crewmembers - if not