Phil Crebbin reports from the SORC

The former Olympic 470 representative gets a taste of close racing in the 1D35 fleet in Miami
The last time I sailed the SORC was three years ago as tactician for an old friend from Canada, Dick Steffen, in his Level 30 'Zoo 2', in one of the PHRF classes. We won then, but it proved to be too long ago to provide me with any insight as to what was right this time around! For the 2001 SORC I was pleased to be invited back by Sledd Shelhorse to sail again with his team on the 1D35 Avalanche, after a successful trip to Key West where we had come a close second. The other Brit who was with us in Key West, Ian Finlay, also came out again as bowman. So we had exactly the same team on the boat as in Key West. Day one saw a long delay to wait for the sea breeze to get going and settle down. There was then a further delay when the Farr 40s had a general recall, but instead of sending them off again, the race committee decided to ignore the change to the sailing instructions and sent off the 1D35s instead. Confusion reigned and I informed the race committee that we would protest to seek redress.They realised they had not done it correctly, but we were told that they did not know how else to do it! Shortly afterwards, they fired three guns with the cancellation flag and proceeded with the starts in the right order. During this time the sea breeze had shown a tendency to back while increasing slightly to 8 to 10kts. This also meant that the line was slightly port end biased. We could not see any major advantage when watching the Farr 40s, and if anything we thought there was a better line of breeze to the left. We made a perfect start