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Team selection series complete for the 2001 World Championships

Wednesday October 4th 2000, Author: Dave Carroll, Location: United Kingdom
The OK class has just completed its team selection series for the 2001 World Championships, to be held in Sweden next summer. The OK class runs its series in the year before the actual event, reckoning there are three big advantages in doing this; it allows the class association plenty of time to organize entries and training for the worlds team, and it allows competitors time to organize themselves before the big event. The other bonus is that you can spread the qualifiers throughout the sailing season, avoiding the need for lots of meetings in the early cold!
The series is based on individual races. This year 17 races were sailed at four events, these being Highcliffe, Brightlingsea, the Nationals at Dabchicks and the Inlands at Burton. The helms have to count 50% of the races held (rounded up), whilst only being allowed to count their best three races from the Nationals. There were a total of 66 boats that competed in the series. The Nationals had an entry of 58 boats, the Inlands 34 boats, Brightlingsea 24 and Highcliffe - in the spring chill - only 16.

The usual suspects appear at the top of the list, but notable performances in the top 20 include Pete Turner, Bob Bourne, Alex Scoles, Paul Jewby and Sarah Brewer - all of whom have trailed and sailed harder than ever before! Keep up the good work guys.

The places at the Worlds are to be granted in order of these results. The actual number of places available is yet to be confirmed.

Top 20 Results
Position Sail No.’s Name Total
1 2085 David Carroll 11
2 2073 Hedley Fletcher 27
3 2093 Greg Casey 38
4 2094 Andy Rushworth 41
5 2084 Terry Curtis 43
6 DEN-1292 Pete Wibroe 45
7 2046 Alistair Deaves 56
8 2080 Gavin Waldron 63
9 2054 Andy Turner 64
10 2059 Will Turner 77
11 2053 Alan Atkin 90
12 1983 Deryck Lovegrove 100
13 2071 Dave Bourne 110
14 2034 Peter Turner 117
15 2007 Dan Ager 127
16 2075 Bob Bourne 128
17 2021 Alex Scoles 136
18 2095 Paul Jewby 147
19 2027 Sarah Brewer 151
20 1984 Micheal Edwards 204

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