illbruck sails into the record books..

.. as the gulf stream lends a helping hand

Tuesday April 30th 2002, Author: Peter Bentley, Location: Transoceanic

Boosted by the Gulf Stream, illbruck has broken the 24 hour run distance record for a monohull. In doing so Kostecki and his crew have demonstrated the superiority of their ship in powered-up reaching conditions. More pertinently it is clear that a conservative victory is not to Kostecki's liking and he intends to do everything he can to win the leg as well as the race.

From 1534 GMT April 29 until the same time today illbruck has covered 473 miles breaking the 24-hour monohull world record held by Bernard Stamm on the Open 60 Armor Lux.

In covering 473 miles in 24 hours illbruck has travelled at an average speed over the ground of 19,708 knots. This compares to Amer Lux's 467.70 nautical miles at 19.49 knots average speed. Though no record of either yachts sped through the water was taken during their record attempts, it seems likely that Amer Lux was moving faster when she set her record. While illbruck has been pushed at up to four knots by the Gulf Stream, Stamm's record was set much further across the Atlantic where the Gulf Stream runs less strongly.

illbruck's record is still provisional and has to be ratified by the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC) at the International Sailing Federation. illbruck's positions for this speed record were derived from a Satcom C unit and constantly monitored by Volvo Ocean Race headquarters as required by the WSSRC. The 24 Hour run record is set by the distance covered by two externally polled GPS positions over any 24-hour period.

SEB has held the V.O.60 class record since leg two of the Volvo Ocean Race and has now equalled this mileage. Assa Abloy, Tyco and Amer Sports One are not far off the pace. Amer Sports Too has, for the first time in the race, covered more than 400 miles in 24 hours.

Every boat in the fleet is now sailing faster than 24 hours ago and it is possible that they will beat their own records over the next few hours.

Volvo Ocean Race Position Report 1554 GMT 30 April 2002
Latitude Longitude DTF SMG TFHR DTL DTL-C PTS
1 illbruck 38 38.16N 063 53.80W 2807 21.4 474 0 0 49
2 Assa Abloy 38 30.56N 064 15.68W 2826 20.9 458 19 3 41
3 Tyco 38 39.92N 064 20.93W 2828 21.2 458 21 2 33
4 SEB 38 36.32N 064 23.76W 2830 21 460 23 1 26
5 News Corp 38 35.24N 064 25.32W 2832 21.2 454 25 2 35
6 Amer One 38 17.36N 064 31.08W 2840 19.7 450 33 10 35
7 djuice 38 23.72N 065 02.20W 2863 19.4 433 56 13 23
8 Amer Too 38 11.20N 065 47.08W 2900 17.9 407 93 21 10

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