Ian Walker

Team GBR's Star representative talks to madforsailing.com
The British Star representatives, Ian Walker and Mark Covell, have been in Australia since mid-August. Now they are waiting patiently for their regatta to start, and watching their team mates power to medal contention in five fleets. Ian spoke to madforsailing. mfs - It’s now day 6 of the Olympic Games and you haven’t been able to even get in a practice race, has that affected your build up at all? IW - Obviously, we always knew that we weren’t going to be starting until day 8, which is Saturday, although we were expecting a practice race two days ago. But we’re pretty relaxed. Practice races aren’t that formal anyway and Mark’s had a bit of a sore throat and a bit of a cold the last few days so that’s actually suited us quite well. We’ve tended to stay away from the dinghy park and tried to stay relaxed. mfs - You’re obviously well rested, do you feel that you’re sharp enough? IW - Over the last week, whenever we’ve been on the water, we’ve tried to do some exercises, mainly starting practices and short course boat-handling, things that we hope will keep us sharp for racing. But it is a worry, I mean we haven’t actually raced in the Star since June, but then that’s the same for most of the fleet. We’ve tried to stay sharp and not spend too much time doing two-boat tuning. mfs - We’ve read in your madforsailing pre-Olympic diary that you’ve had lots of setbacks, how do you feel this will affect your performance, or have you put it all behind you? IW - We have had some setbacks, we lost a lot of the time we wanted to spend testing all our equipment due to Mark’s shoulder injury and also to the weather. But we’ve just