Penny pinching

James Boyd spoke to Fujifilm skipper Loick Peyron about new cost cutting measures in the ORMA trimaran class
Over the last months, ORMA, the 60ft trimaran association, have been holding a series of meetings to discuss the future of their circuit. Another is being held today in La Trinite-sur-Mer in Brittany. These meetings come at a time when the class is nearing its peak. At present it is one of the most buoyant of all offshore racing classes with 15-20 boats scheduled to take part in November's Route du Rhum. However there are fears among those involved with the class that costs are spiraling upwards out of control and something must be done to prevent a repeat of the 1980s when soaring costs of saw the bubble burst on the 85ft multihull class of the day. A number of new directions are being decided upon, some to be implemented in 2003, some sooner. Fujifilm skipper Loick Peyron (left) has been involved looking at the issue of weather routing and told madfor sailing that there is a strong body of support within the class for it to be banned, certainly for singlehanded races and possibly for crewed events too. One of the reason for this is that there are simply not enough routing specialists to go round and with demand severely outstripping supply increasingly large sums are being paid to secure the service of top names such as Pierre Lasnier and Jean-Yves Bernot. For the Transat Jacques Vabre last year routers such as Lee Bruce were being called in from the US while Adrienne Cahalan and TV presenter Bruce Buckley were drafted in from Australia. With routing allowed there would be the impossible prospect come November of 40 boats entering the Route du Rhum, all wanting their own individual routing. "We heard about some very very big budgets, for people asking for exclusivity," comments Peyron. There is a