BT yachts await damage survey

Quadstone and Save the Children are to be hauled out for damage assessment following their port/starboard collision

Tuesday February 20th 2001, Author: Andy Rice, Location: United Kingdom
The BT Global Challenge crews from Quadstone and Save the Children are stuck in Wellington after their horrendous collision not long after the start of Leg Four, while the rest of the fleet ploughs on towards Sydney.
The port/starboard incident, where Quadstone found herself unable to bear away to avoid a nasty side-on with Save the Children, has put both boats out of Leg Four, while shore crews assess the full extent of the damage.

Andrew Roberts of the Challenge Business said that they would not be able to make a full assessment until they had hauled out both boats for a complete survey. The masts have already been lifted out.

Roberts commented: "All our decisions are dependent on the surveyors report on Save the Children." The yacht was struck on the port side, aft, and the damage is sufficiently bad for replacement sections to have to be made. The damage on Quadstone was said to be more cosmetic, with the bow's crumple zone bearing the brunt of the impact.

Meanwhile, the only casualty from the incident, Save the Children's skipper Nick Fenton, was on the mend. "I feel a little bit battered and bruised, although my injuries look worse than they are," said Fenton. Doctors believe his nose may be broken, and both eyes are almost shut with the severe swelling around them.

"Our hopes were shattered, with a pretty powerful impact," he said. He wasn't sure when they would be able to get back on the water, but confirmed that Save the Children would be seeking redress from the International Jury.

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