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Monday February 4th 2002, Author: John Greenland, Location: Transoceanic
Richard Clarke gives the latest from the Iceberg Watch on board illbruck -
A Nice Place For A Summer Home

How are you supposed to type when the boat is snaking all over the ocean? It is hard enough to stay in your bunk let alone sit here on the floor in the back of the bus and not get tossed into the puddle of water to leeward. I am also being dripped on from the constant condensation that accumulates on the ceiling. It is bloody cold on deck and I spend most of the time on deck counting the minutes until I can crawl into my mostly dry sleeping bag and get warm again.

There are times like this when you wonder why I am doing this crazy race. A few minutes ago we sighted a huge iceberg, no kidding if I wanted a nice summer home down here this would have been plenty big enough for my to live on and never get board walking around its massive girth. It had to be more than a mile wide and more that 100 meters tall. It was pretty easy to avoid that one, as it was a few miles to leeward and when they are that big they give a pretty good target for the radar. Right now things are a little different...we have spotted another one on the radar but his one is right in our path! We are heating it up to get South of it but that's kind of hard when you are sailing pressed already. Let you know how it goes later.

Just when you question why you are here a night like last night comes along. Talk about fast sailing 126 miles in a sked!!! Just awesome hanging on. At times in this race is pays to throttle back and save the gear but last night we were in a groove and we let it all hang out. It paid nicely as we find ourselves in the lead and extending a bit.

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