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Monday February 4th 2002, Author: John Greenland, Location: Transoceanic
Lisa McDonald, skipper of Amer Sports Too, and the trials of running a ship when all you want to do is curl up under a douvet and recover from a bout of the Flu.

Most unwanted and most unwelcome in the Southern Ocean...the flu.

We take for granted that after a four hour watch you come down below with red, watery, stinging, salt sore eyes: a nose so cold and dribbly you think it may fall off or at least you hope it might: jaw-ache from chattering your way through the cold air; hands so cold that your numb fingers can't operate even the simplest task of unzipping a dry-suit and walking on stumps because you can't feel your toes...and that is all while being a healthy finely tuned athlete.

What I have experienced the past few days I wouldn't recommend to anyone, all of the above combined with a nasty fluey cold, adding to the list a stuffy, achy, sinus blocked sore head; constantly weepy eyes and drippy nose; complete and total lack of energy; sore throat with no voice and a relentless chesty cough. All this 24 hours a day.

If you were home in a proper daily job this would definitely call for a day off in bed with a good book and a hot toddy or bundled up in front of the telly and a warm fire, but no good in thinking about all that as we don't have. Days off. Or even. Sick days. Out here, just one cold wet grey and normally busy watch after another and a very good nurse (Keryn)[Henderson] onboard to look after us. I’m told, the antibiotics will kick in a day or so, I can't wait.

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