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Thursday February 14th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
(Un)finished Business - Lisa McDonald reports from Amer Sports Too

It's funny to think that before we left Auckland, someone asked me about my expectations for rounding Cape Horn and I replied with 'it would begreat to be spinnaker sailing in 20 knots past the horn with full sails' -guess what? It happened.

It was a fabulous day sailing; we rounded the most famous landmark to sailors in the world at 11:28 GMT on the 12 of Feb. We had about20-25knots of breeze, blue sky and sunshine, the masthead spinnaker was up and the odd squall cloud passed by with a helping header gust along the way.
Five of us on board made our piece with the Horn for unfinished business of four years ago now finished business - phew, guess we don'thave to do that again... for the other crew members, it was an achievement to finally round this legendary point of land so often read about and never actually seen until now.

I personally had a quiet moment thinking of all those who have rounded the Horn over the past few centuries, it was footage of very early video of a tall ship’s rounding the horn which inspired me so long ago to come here and see it for myself: strange when I think of that now.

Last night we sailed through the le Maire straits off the tip of Tierra del Fuego and our Southern Ocean was left behind with memories still burning to come out in future tales to tell. Now as we tackle the South American coast we are steaming up quickly behind the rest of the fleet.

L [Lisa McDonald]

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