BT Global Challenge - Leg 1 - 14th September's diary writer, Andy Magrath, reports from LG FLATRON
Andy Magrath is one of our two diarists aboard the BT Global Challenge race leader, LG FLATRON. Here he gives us his view on the great milk disaster - and leading the fleet. Andy Magrath, LG FLATRON, Thursday, 14th September, 2000 "Our current position is first place! However it's early days. We are slowly beginning to settle down to life onboard LG FLATRON. Even typing this is a problem. We are heeled over at 25 degrees and I am perched next to Dickon, aka Juan, who is working on some video editing to send back to the UK. After a relatively poor start, it was light winds, spinnaker peels and neck and neck past Hurst Castle. There were many of our supporters at Hurst and it was great to see them waving us on. We all worked very hard on the spinnaker trim, which paid off as we started to pull ahead. Neck and neck with Compaq along the South Coast the first night - under the spinnaker - was exciting stuff. When under spinnaker, working on the bow is a mix of flurries of activity when launching, gybing and dropping - but involves a bit of sitting around in between. The most exciting part of the trip so far was after a spinnaker peel. One halyard ends up on the wrong side of the sail, twisted around the second halyard at the top. Fixing it involves me going up the mast on that halyard, then sliding over the top of the spinnaker - this is like no-mans land at 90 feet - and coming down the other side of the mast. Then we hit tragedy - it was discovered after much searching that we had run out of milk! With cereal every other day this was going to be enough to make me