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from Andy MacGrath on LG Flatron

Sunday May 20th 2001, Author: Andy Magrath, Location: United Kingdom
Progress at last! After the most frustrating start to a leg of this race so far we are finally on the move. Our GPS shows our course over the ground are being 316deg. Speed over the ground SOG is 9.1 knots.
Progress has been slow so far. On board LG Flatron we find ourselves in the unusual position of being 85 miles behind the lead boat - CGU. We do have
some reasons to be pleased with our current position. The best we can do as a crew is sail the boat as fast as we can in our given wind conditions and this we continue to do well. 48 hours ago we were side by side with Team Spirit and very close to Olympic. In winds of 2-8 knots we have pulled out a 10 mile lead over both yachts.

We have also started to catch up with Compaq, our closest rivals in the race overall. After being over 30 miles behind Compaq we have closed the gap to just five miles. Even though we are on paper so far behind behind the lead we have the upmost confidence in every aspect of LG Flatron's performance, skipper, weather routing, crew and the yacht herself. We are relishing the prospect of the race ahead.

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