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Introducing the Dutch Yngling team

Thursday March 6th 2003, Author: Simon Keijzer, Location: none selected
TNT Express Netherlands main sponsor of '3elf Sailing Team' in Yngling Three Dutch Girls On Their Way To Athens

The Dutch '3elf Sailing Team', with Annelies Thies, Petronella de Jong and Annemieke Bes are aiming for the 2004 Olympic Games. Their ultimate goal is to win a medal in the Yngling-class with the help of their new sponsor: TNT Express Nederland.

Ideal preparation

The three girls who are part of the Dutch Olympic Sailing Team race in the Yngling with sail number NED 311. Jokingly they called themselves '3 elves' after their sail number. The girls, who are currently third on the world ranking, are one of the prime candidates for the Netherlands to qualify in the Yngling for the upcoming Olympics in Athens.

Annelies, Annemieke and Petronella are extremely proud of their new sponsor. "The road to Athens is very long and the international competition is extremely tough," says team captain and helmsman Annelies Thies. "With TNT as a partner we are able to execute our ideal preparation."

International competition

The competition in the Olympic Yngling class is fierce. Only fifteen nations will race at the Olympic Games in this class. In order to qualify and to be optimally prepared, the 3elf Sailing team works closely together with two of the leading teams in the class.

Team captain Thies explains, "We are training together with Shirley Robertson's team and with Monica Azon and her team from Spain. Azon was World Champion in the Yngling last year and Robertson won the Gold Medal in the Europe class during the Sydney Olympics, so we are in good company."

The main focus for this year is on the 2003 World Championships in Cadiz. During this event the team can qualify the Netherlands as a country, and it can start qualifying as Dutch Yngling Team for the Athens Olympics 2004.

Powered by TNT

TNT Express Netherlands offers the ambitious girls a number of services next to the financial support for this year. Part of the money will be used to develop new and better equipment. But almost as important is the support that TNT offers in occasionally transporting the boat, sails or other gear, just in time to a destination of choice. Last but not least TNT Express Staff supports the team in PR and promotion, all to empower the 3elf Sailing Team to outperform the national and international competition.

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