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Paul Brotherton and Simon Hiscocks go their separate ways as the UK 49er fleet goes through some marital strife
Brotherton and Hiscocks in Palma Simon Hiscocks has teamed up with Chris Draper following his split with Paul Brotherton in the 49er. Despite being consistently the best team in the UK at major international events over the past year, Brotherton and Hiscocks have decided there was no future to their partnership. Paul Brotherton told madforsailing: "The partnership had run its course, and it was time for both of us to move on." Doubtless the reality was a good deal more complex than that, but it goes to show that two good sailors don't always make a great team. Not that their results were bad. A win at Hyeres and Kiel last year, followed by a slightly disappointing 7th at the Worlds in Garda, the pair seemed to be moving in the right direction. But clearly the chemistry wasn't working. Now Hiscocks has joined forces with Chris Draper (pictured left), who has only been sailing the 49er for a year and a half but has made rapid progress to the sharp end of the fleet. The crew who has been sailing with Draper for the past year, Mark Asquith, has had to make way for Hiscocks, who holds the advantage of having won a silver medal at the last Games. Acknowledged as one of the fittest members of the sailing squad and one of the most knowledgable about the subtleties of the 49er, Hiscocks' experience was doubtless a big attraction for Draper. But Asquith is no slouch either, and is unlikely to sit on the sidelines for long. With Paul Brotherton also seeking a crew, it would seem obvious for these two to team up, but things aren't always as straightforward as that. While there is no doubting the abilities of these two sailors, again they must question whether they can work