Sewage pollution to continue

Chichester Harbour Conservancy attacks Southern Water over sewage release

Friday February 16th 2001, Author: Gerald New, Location: United Kingdom
Southern Water came under attack at a meeting of Chichester Harbour Conservancy for pouring thousands of gallons of storm water containing sewage into Chichester Harbour recently.
A spokesman for the authority said that the water table was at its highest ever and water had nowhere to go when it flowed off the Downs. He said the company expected the situation to continue until April, depending on rain levels.

The harbour is a highly-sensitive wildlife area, with huge numbers of seabirds, as well as being used by thousands of yachtsmen.

The spokesman added that the company was well aware of the environmental quality of the harbour and that there was a proposal to upgrade the day to day quality of treatment.

This latest sewage release by Southern Water follows problems last year in the adjoining Langstone Harbour. Yachtsman there were warned not to sail during September and October and some beach areas were fenced off after Southern Water pumped a mixture of sewage and water into the harbour for several weeks.

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