BT Global Challenge - Leg 1 - 16th September

Conrad Humphreys writes from LG FLATRON
LG FLATRON are still duelling for the lead in the North Atlantic, and one of our diary writers, skipper Conrad Humphreys, reports from on board. Conrad Humphreys, Skipper LG FLATRON, Saturday 16th September, 2000. Our cat and mouse game continues with Spirit of Hong Kong. Both of us have been skirting the edge of a high pressure zone which lies to the south of 50 degrees longitude. We are 50 miles further south than them, and feel the most vulnerable as we are closer to the area of less wind. The latest position sked has us in a tiny three mile lead. This is because they had opted to take the unfavourable port tack (further from the actual course to the finish in Boston) back to the north - going in search of better pressure. I would prefer to be where they are, although the breeze has held here today, I'm not at all sure about tomorrow. We were waiting for the wind to head, shift to the left a little more, before committing ourselves to the north-going port tack. We finally got a wind direction of 280 - this was our magic number to tack to port and make some ground to the north. I feel relieved about getting onto port tack, the same as Spirit of Hong Kong, but our course is not good at 350 degrees magnetic. I'm sure the next position sked will see us drop back to second or even third. Cian (navigator) has been agonising about making the call. We have spent all afternoon getting weather faxes to help us make the decision. In the longer term, being to the south looks more favourable, as the wind may shift back round to the west-south-west (about 200 degrees). We could try and hang