Shirley Robertson

Windless Wednesday, Day 11, was a reserve day for the Europes and Lasers anyway, so madforsailing took the opportunity to talk to Shirley Robertson, currently in silver medal position in the Europes
mfs - You’re lying second overall, have things gone to plan so far? SR - I think if you’d asked me three weeks ago, would I be happy being one point off the lead with three races to go - then yes, I would have been pretty chuffed. I’m glad I’m in contention for a gold medal, and we’re near the end of the event, so I’m pretty pleased. In Sydney Harbour, it’s very difficult to have a plan. It’s not really a speed venue, you have got to be on form and you have got to have a bit of luck and to keep yourself together. The only plan I had was to try and stay relaxed throughout the racing. mfs - Today is a reserve day for you, how do you usually occupy your time? SR - It’s very difficult to switch off but you try your best to relax, but generally I just have lunch, or go shopping or to the cinema. There’s generally not much in the way of boat-work, but today I washed my boat ready for tomorrow. You can’t really do anything, I mean you can’t go surfing or anything like that, and I don’t want to be outside too much. So it is difficult to fill your time and you’re never fully relaxed. mfs - Sydney is your third Games, how does it compare to your previous Olympic experiences? SR - In Barcelona I was a nipper, and hadn’t been doing it for very long and although I had great expectations, I was never going to win a medal. It was a great Olympic experience and I went to see everything and the sailing was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was more focussed in Savannah and I suppose the lesson I learnt