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Anticipation is mounting in the Volvo fleet as the big breeze draws closer

Thursday January 31st 2002, Author: Peter Bentley, Location: Transoceanic
Volvo Ocean Race Position Report, Day 5, 0358 GMT
1 TSEB 5855 174 11 253 0 0
2 NEWS 5856 171 10.8 251 1 -2
3 AART 5858 175 10.7 248 3 1
4 AONE 5863 177 10.7 246 8 3
5 ILBK 5865 177 10.7 248 10 2
6 TYCO 5867 177 10 248 12 6
7 DJCE 5871 181 10.6 249 16 5
8 ATOO 5894 177 11.5 248 39 -1

    The fast moving low pressure system with winds of up to 40 knots continue to tantalise the Volvo Ocean race fleet. "There is a real calm before the storm' feeling on the boat today," reports Keryn Henderson from onboard Amer Sport Too. Like every other boat in the fleet, Amer Sport Too is busy trying to get all the weather information they can. And its all leading to the same conclusion says Henderson, "that in the next 48 hours the weather is going to change from this nice 10-12 knot downwind sailing to a building breeze of up to 40 to 45 knots."

    For the time being, the fleet continues to enjoy - if that is the right word - modest reaching conditions. With the wind between 12 and 16 knots from the northwest, the fleet is ranged across a 17 mile wide line, all on starboard tack and all still heading south.

    During the last 24 hours the women's boat has sailed across the back of the fleet and is now positioned out to the west on the right flank of the fleet some 30 miles back. Of the tightly packed group of seven, SEB currently has her nose ahead both in terms of distance to go to the finish. Perhaps more importantly she has taken over the mantle of most southerly boat. News Corp is furthest east and of the leading seven at least, Djuice furthest west.

    The fine weather will not last much longer
    illbruck's crew enjoy it while they can

    Page two.... tactics
    Page three.... an e-mail from Amer Sport Too

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