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Anticipation is mounting in the Volvo fleet as the big breeze draws closer

Thursday January 31st 2002, Author: Peter Bentley, Location: Transoceanic
Hurry Up And Wait says Keryn Henderson in an e-mail from Amer Sport Too

There is a real calm before the storm feeling on the boat today. Lisa, Miranda and I have been collecting heaps of weather data and it is all leading to the same conclusion...that in the next 48 hours the weather is going to change from this nice 10-12 knot downwind sailing to a building breeze of up to 40 to 45 knots. The Southern Ocean is about to come and bite us hard. It is hard to imagine that very soon there will be big waves, big breeze and lots of water.

Bridget described it like this: "It must be how the early settlers in America felt travelling in there wagons to new lands. They knew the Indians were out there, knowing they are going to attack, it's just a matter of when." That's how we are all feeling about the Southern Ocean. Everyone is preparing the boat, doing the little things that make life easier when its rough and wet, like getting the harnesses out and ready, checking the reef lines are ready to rock etc. Now it's just a matter of hurry up and wait.

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