Who will be the smartest woman?

The Women's World Match Racing Championship starts today in Spain...

Monday April 29th 2002, Author: Nigel Cherrie, Location: none selected
Seed World Ranking Skipper Nation
1 1st Marie Bjorling Sweden
2 2nd Lotte Meldgaared Pedersen Denmark
3 5th Malin Millbourn Sweden
4 8th Liz Baylis USA
5 10th Anne Le Helley France
6 12th Dawn Riley USA
7 14th Sabrina Gurioly Italy
8 15th Gwen Joulie France
9 19th Giulia Conti Italy
10 20th Inés Montefusco Italy
11 23rd Cordelia Eglin Great Britain
12 25th Sandy Grosvenor USA
13 28th Claire Leroy France
14 29th Christelle Philippe France
15 33rd Mar Castanedo Spain
16 35th Nina B. Petersen Denmark

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