Medals and misses

Lisa Walker has been out celebrating - the wife of the British Star representative reports from Sydney
These are exciting times to be part of the British Olympic Sailing Team - and Saturday was the most extraordinary day. Ian Barker and Simon Hiscocks’ win in race 15 means that they have won a medal for certain in the 49er. They just have to finish within six places of the Americans tomorrow to clinch the silver. At the same time, all three single-handers are now leading the overall standings, while Ian and Mark are lying second in the Star. And on the same day, the Soling lads - Andy, Barry and Richard - were eliminated from the match racing. I can't describe the disappointment etched on their faces, having worked for four years (or is it eight or even 20?) towards their goal. They and everybody else know they were as good as anyone on their day, but yesterday was not their day. And that is the brutal reality of the Olympics - is it your day? I spent Saturday perched on top of the cliffs trying to make out who was who in the Star fleet out at sea. It will be a lot easier when the fleet take their turn in the harbour - though I suspect the racing may not get any simpler. The national flags help a lot and we (Ian’s parents and I) were so excited to see Ian and Mark win race one. I know it was one of their goals to win a race - and it will mean a lot to them. Unfortunately, they slipped back a bit in the second race and lost two boats right on the line to get a ninth. One of the big differences between the Olympics and any other regatta is the number of reserve days. And after the endless waiting, no sooner have Ian and