Ear To The Ground

Ed Gorman picks up the gossip around the GBR Challenge in Auckland.
The New Boat It seems the original plan to launch the team's one and only new boat and sail her out of Cowes at the end of April is now under review and looks increasingly unlikely to happen. The feeling among GBR Challenge managers is that putting the package together in Britain just for a few weeks of promotional sailing, may be more trouble than it is worth. The weather may also make life very difficult. More likely is that the boat will be named in Cowes and then shipped straight out to Auckland for her first sea trials at the end of May or early June. The Helmsmen One of the trickiest problems facing the GBR team is picking the right helm. Everyone knows this is one of the big talking points. Generally three names, Ian Walker, Andy Beadsworth and Andy Green are considered the candidates. It still looks fairly open and there is still a reasonably strong possibility that the team may use a starting driver in some races who then hands over to a race driver. madfor sailing asked team tactician, Ado Stead, who is watching them all closely, for his opinion. Ado on Green: "flair and aggression." Ado on Andy B: "consistent, all-round, methodical." Ado on Ian Walker: "keen to learn - we know that everything he puts his mind to, he's done well." Ado added: "All of them have slightly different qualities that are good. It will be difficult to choose...the good thing at the moment is that it is all coming back to the team philosophy - we are all learning together and everyone has a lot to offer." Andy Green Andy broke his collarbone during a team rugby game and has been out for three weeks. But the word is he will be back soon and he seems to