The Tim and Gerry show

John Greenland tracked down two of Britain's unsung heros - Tyco's Tim Powell and Gerry Mitchell
It is perhaps testament to their ability as well as their credability in international sailing circles that among Kevin Shoebridge's first recruits for Team Tyco were British sailors Tim Powell and Gerry Mitchell. The duo have been sailing together for many years, but first meet back in RYA Youth Squad days. "We both sailed Dolphin & Youth, Silk Cut, the Admiral's Cup, and the Tour Voile," explained Mitchell. Powell and Mitchell sailed Adrian Stead's Barlo Plastics when they competed in, and won, the Tour Voile two years ago. "There was a core bunch of us. We just got together and put in names of people we thought should be involved," explained Powell, one of the key decision makers early on in Shoebridge's Bermuda-based Volvo campaign. This method of selection, also used by John Kostecki's overall race leader illbruck Challenge, provides for good team work on the water. TeamTyco was born several months after John Kostecki started the illbruck campaign, yet was still one of the first to get the ball rolling. Using the old Merit as a training boat the team set up in Newport, Rhode Island. "We ran crew trials, did some tuning with the new carbon mast, and looked at a few sails until November," explained Powell. Once satisfied with their developments the team moved down to Sydney to join illbruck and News Corp in the Sydney Hobart. "We went on to New Zealand after Hobart to train in the waters ready for leg four," added Powell. The team led for a large proportion of the 600nm leg, however a headboard car failure close to the finish gave illbruck the chance to overtake. In February last year the new boat arrived in West Palm Beach. The Tyco boys had a tough start to the nine-stage event. On leg one the team