Ben Ainslie's Diary

Our Laser Gold medallist brings us up to date with the news from Auckland, where he is sailing with the OneWorld team
Along with the whole of New Zealand and the rest of the sailing world, the America’s Cup community in Auckland has been rocked and saddened by the tragic news of Sir Peter Blake’s murder in Brazil. Many of our former Team New Zealand members had been close to him through those famous campaigns - it's a difficult time for them. Blake was a huge hero in New Zealand, and the whole country is in mourning with flags at half mast, and the symbolic red socks flying from the fronts of houses. Already there is talk of setting up a trust to benefit young sailors, and the America's Cup teams in Auckland stayed ashore on Friday, as a mark of respect for the man who had done so much for sailing. His death is a tremendous loss not just to the sport, but the environmental causes - OneWorld Challenge causes - that he was now pursuing so fervently. But at the moment the team's thoughts are with Pippa and the family and Sir Peter's many close friends. With the terrible news and no one sailing, Friday was a strange day, after weeks of hectic activity. Things moved up another notch recently with the shorebase openings of both the Alinghi and the GBR Challenge syndicates. It feels odd to see all this going on at the first British America's Cup Challenge in fourteen or so years and not be part of it. With many friends just down the road, it would be great to ask how things are going and be supportive, but in the America's Cup environment quizzing people about other teams is pretty close to the last thing you can do. Fortunately, other than being careful about the topics of conversations, the relationships between the teams are excellent and I certainly