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New winter sailing tour gets television deal

Wednesday October 11th 2000, Author: Mark Chisnell, Location: United Kingdom
The winter sailing season in South-East Asia has received a boost with the incorporation of a formal Asian Yachting Circuit, and a television deal to go with it. The Circuit will run between November 2000 and April 2001 and the four regattas included are the 11th Raja Muda International Regatta in Malaysia, the 14th King's Cup in Thailand, the 6th Singapore Straits Regatta in Singapore and the San Fernando Race between Hong Kong and the Philippines. The winner of the tour will be awarded the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup.
The AYC has been put together by Andrew Owen of Hong Kong based Proteus Sports. The television coverage will be produced by Sportshows, and will include featuring the events in their World Yachting series. Sportshows’ Productions Director, Stuart Page, commented that, 'World Yachting is now a truly global series providing coverage in over 120 countries and featuring many of the world’s classic regattas from the Mediterranean, Asia, the Caribbean and the Atlantic.' It looks like the television and media package is already attracting sponsorship interest from tourism authorities in the countries involved. It's likely that these regattas, already popular with Brits looking for a little out-of-season sun, will find an even warmer welcome this winter.

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