Narrow lead for News

Update from the Volvo Ocean Race

Tuesday April 16th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
Positions at 1000
PS  Yacht  Latitude  Longitude  DTF  DTL  DTL-C  SMG  CMG
1 News Corp  32 51.04N  076 25.52W 413 0 0 10.9 54
2 Illbruck  32 49.56N  076 24.92W 415 2 2 10.7 56
3 Amer One  32 49.64N  076 27.00W 415 2 1 10.6 55
4 Assa Abloy  32 47.72N  076 27.68W 417 4 1 10.4 51
5 SEB  32 40.48N  076 56.00W 434 21 -2 11.3 54
6 Tyco  32 37.52N  076 54.12W 436 23 -2 11.3 52
7 djuice  32 35.72N  077 00.96W 440 27 -3 11.4 48
8 Amer Too  32 10.60N  076 39.92W 456 43 7 7.4 16

There's still all to play for on leg six of the Volvo Ocean Race as the boats work out their best lanes for rounding Cape Hatteras.

In the tightly grouped leading four, News Corp has edged into the lead by sailing a deeper course in the following south westerly 10 knot breeze and being marginally further to the north west are using the effects of the Gulf Stream more to their advantage.

This afternoon we can expect to see most of the boats gybe and this may reduce any advantage News Corp may currently hold. Often gybes are made after one of the three hourly position updates, but this is pointless in this instance because the top four boats are all within site of one another. Of the top four only Assa Abloy have already gybed.

Meanwhile Tyco, SEB and djuice remain out to the west and appear to be making better speed at present than the front runners. The unknown quantity remains the girls on Amer Sports Too way out to the south east, who were the first to gybe. Once they converge with the rest of the fleet it will be interesting to see if their gamble has paid off. Mostly likely (unfortunately) it hasn't.

djuice - in conditions slightly stronger than they're experiencing at present

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