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The rigs should go back in over the weekend of the 11-12 November

Friday November 10th 2000, Author: Mark Chisnell, Location: United Kingdom
Masts dominate the headlines at the end of the first week in November - but while it's Mike Golding's mast failure that's the big news, an earlier breakdown is about to be repaired. Team Philips has announced that the mast repair is almost complete and they hope to step the rigs over the weekend of the 11-12 November.
The forecast is not particularly promising however, with the regular 'weekend' storm set to give battered Britain another good kicking - for the third week in a row. The team require a combination of high tide - to get the boat up the River Dart to the yard in Totnes - and weak current in the river, a problem with all the flood water gushing off the sodden countryside.

They also need light air, as they will be taking the opportunity to lift Team Philips out of the water to adjust the angle of the propellers. The maxi cat must have engine power to comply with The Race rules, but apparently the angle needs adjusting to give them more drive. After that the boat will be lowered back into the Dart and the masts and wishbones attached. All of which will require a fairly long stint of co-operative weather, something we haven't had much of round here recently.

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