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Thursday April 3rd 2003, Author: Annie Lush, Location: none selected
As I write this diary the last faint sounds and burning remains of a passionate protest die away on the street below. One of the many streets of Barcelona city that are currently alive with anti-war protest, where nearly every wall and paving stone display a Spanish demand for peace.

Meanwhile inside, Team Cathy Foster make their way to bed in preparation for another day of training at the Olympic Port, on the water and in the gym. A way of life usually far removed from the chaos of the outside world - that was until we found ourselves in the centre of Barcelona! At home you’re probably fed up with war news broadcasting tales of terror 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but out here on the road we scrapple for any news we can find, (hence Jane on return from a successful fundraising venture in the UK last weekend arrived back with a copy of every British broadsheet going - she even persuaded/forced a lady on the plane to donate her paper to the cause)!

For us as a team it has been a pretty tough month. We have been training HARD and with the dawn of April bringing three important regattas, the pressure is on. We have of course been training in some of the best spots Spain has to offer; sunny Cadiz, Palma, Majorca and Barcelona, so I know – we can’t complain, and of course we’re not. This month has not all been sunbathing and surfing however, with many demands on our limited time.

Firstly there were the Pre-world Championships in Cadiz, a small but tactically demanding regatta with light airs until the last day. We finished in a respectful 3rd position, following a string of solid results.

Next we were off to Palma for some serious boat handling practise and training with the Danish, Spanish, German and other British teams and under the watchful eye of our coach Mark Nichols. Shifty wind conditions made this a challenging and somewhat frustrating week; hence it has been a relief to come to Barcelona and polish the skills we have learnt, in more stable breeze and alone. This month has also been about the ordering of our new boat, an exciting but stressful procedure (ask Jane) as well as getting reacquainted with our old boat (which although loved dearly does not seem to
have quite the pace of the brand new boat we chartered in Miami). Bring on the beginning of May and the arrival of our new one!

Whatever difficulties we’vet faced this month we’vet managed to overcome and I know as a result they’vet only made us stronger as a team. It also shows that we are continuing to learn and progress (even if at times – especially when battling with the rig – it can feel like we’re going in circles)! Most importantly this month of training and time together before the regatta season really kicks in has allowed us to reassess our strategy as a team.

We are learning to identify and build on our individual strengths (thanks to John and Peter) in order to combine our skills and make us an even better team!

Next month (April) there are 30 days, in those 30 we have 25 days of sailing planned, 18 of which we’all be racing in highly competitive regattas. What more can a girl ask for?

Loving it as always,
Annie x

PS I’d just like to say a massive thank you to all our supporters, it is wonderful receiving your messages. Also a big thank you to William Lac at Force 4 for helping out with a rather large shopping list (and for the tea)!

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