Datchet Water is open again

Thames Water have lifted the foot and mouth ban, but still no joy for Queen Mary, Oxford, or King George

Thursday March 22nd 2001, Author: Andy Rice, Location: United Kingdom
Datchet Water Sailing Club has re-opened for business, after being shut down by the foot and mouth scare for over a month. Members of the club committee had seen their solicitor and barrister last Friday, and it seems that may have prompted Thames Water into action.

This now means the Laser 4000 open meeting can go ahead, with around 40 boats predicted for this weekend's event. Mike Rogers, who runs the on-site Dinghy Store, has moved back into the shore-side premises, having lugged all his stock back to his house near Wraysbury Lake and run a makeshift operation for the past few weeks.

He told madforsailing: "I'm just delighted to be back in the sailing club again. We've lost a ton of money moving back and forth, but I'd like to thank everyone who has helped us during this time, including madforsailing for raising awareness of the situation."

But while things are getting back to normal at Datchet, other Thames Water clubs like Queen Mary, Oxford and King George are still under the cosh, waiting for a sign that they can resume business as usual.

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