Mark Chisnell's diary

The latest from One World in Auckland
It seems that not many of these diaries will go by over the new few months without someone, somewhere putting a new IACC boat in the water. The latest being the British launch – and wasn’t that Hollywood? A little more West Coast than West Cowes? It could hardly have been more different to our own low-key affairs, though at least our bottles smashed first time …(sorry Lightning, couldn’t resist it). It must have been a mainsail or two worth of glitter and glamour, and it will probably raise expectations among the media and supporters. That’s usually a bad thing in Britain, with the brutal newspaper culture. But having said that, it does seem that expectations are rising within the team – the latest pronouncements make the semis a realistic goal, rather than the dream it was said to be at the original launch back in 2001. But with a year of hard work under their belts, the boys are clearly feeling more confident, and good on them. Meanwhile, down here in Auckland, it’s anything but glittery or glamorous as the teams all struggle to meet their goals – and we’ve been up against a vindictive weather pattern. For the last couple of weeks the weather has been glorious down here – for anything but sailing. With a high pressure clamped firmly over New Zealand, it’s been one unbroken day of sunshine after another. Since this has coincided with our first couple of weeks with two new boats up and running we’ve been working hard at getting the most out of it. It puts a lot of pressure on the weather team to make good calls. In our particular hot seat are Ken Campbell of Commander’s Weather, and Hamish Wilcox, who also worked with the British Olympic sailing team in Sydney. It’s