Goss versus Calvin

Last week the gloves came off in the Team Philips camp, Mark Chisnell reports
Mike Calvin’s resignation from the crew of Team Philips was announced by the team in a press release just over a week ago. Calvin’s reasoning was that the boat didn’t have time to be fully tested before the start of The Race, consequently he was concerned about safety and had to take his responsibilities as a family man seriously. The resignation was tucked at the bottom of the press release, underneath an update on the mast repair. And although the cynical might regard this as Mandelsonian spin, it was perhaps not an inaccurate appraisal of the importance of the news. Calvin is a writer with limited sailing experience. His opinion as to the safety or otherwise of Team Philips - while valuable to Mike Calvin - is some distance from being a view that will be widely regard as authoritative. And so the matter might have passed quietly by ... Until on the morning of Sunday 28th October, the nation - or at least the Mail on Sunday reading element of the nation - awoke to see the dagger firmly planted in Pete Goss’ back, Calvin’s hand still sticky with the blood, dripping off words like these, ‘The dilemma had a cruel clarity. Continue to risk my life to sustain a dream shared by millions of strangers, or resist a dangerous obsession. I have chosen the latter option, and resigned from the six-man crew of Team Philips, the revolutionary boat which has been blessed by the Queen, but cursed by fate.’ Whether or not the blow hit the spinal cord or merely punctured a lung remains to be seen. A couple of days later, Goss could still draw enough breath to write a rebuttal, which was run in the Daily Telegraph. It began with prose to match the former Sportswriter of the