Team Philips reins back to 19 knots in rough Atlantic seas

Crew are delighted with performance but when will she reach Barcelona for the start?

Tuesday December 5th 2000, Author: Andy Rice, Location: United Kingdom
Team Philips has reported good progress with her sea trials in the rough seas of the Atlantic. The radical maxi-cat's last reported position was 150 miles north-west of the Outer Hebrides.
The team's marketing and communications manager, Vicky Williams told madforsailing on Tuesday afternoon: "The wind has gone round to the east and it is rough out there, so they have slowed down to around 19 knots. They were hitting 25-30 consistently, with a top recorded speed so far of 35 knots.

"The boat is reefed down and there is a heavy swell and 30 knots of breeze which is making life pretty uncomfortable. They are waiting to get behind a big depression and then they will make their next move," she said.

Williams admitted it was not yet clear where Goss would take the catamaran next, although she acknowledged that time was closing in fast for the deadline to reach Barcelona. "We don’t know where she is headed next, it depends on a number of things. It could be France, England or Spain." The team is currently headed in a south-westerly direction. They plan to sail west and creep around the top of the depression and then sail south, behind the low. They are settling in for a very rough 36 hours.

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