Australian beauty

One of the best looking 'sheilas' at Southampton Boat Show is the JS9000
JS9000 One of the most attractive keelboats at Southampton Boat Show is the Australian-built JS9000. This is what might be termed a modern classic. Designed by John Swarbrick (right) the JS9000 was first featured on madforsailing back in January, and we were thoroughly impressed seeing this boat in the flesh at the show. The boat has extremely pleasing lines and is very slender with a beam of 1.72m - just 0.9m at the waterline - on her 9.125m overall length. Judging from the reaction of passers-by at the time of our visit, we were not alone in our reaction. "We wanted to design an offshore racing yacht that was spectacularly fast yet easily controlled by only two or three crew members without having to rely on crew strength, agility or weight", says John Swarbrick of her concept. "With the JS9000 we have been successful on all counts and at a very affordable price. In fact, she is so well mannered she can safely be sailed single-handed." JS Yachts who now market the boat from Poole say she is easily sailed by two and this gives her an advantage over Etchells, 707s, 1720s, J/24s and other boats of this size where you comfortably need more than this. Her sail plan is relatively modest at 27.2sqm, but has a high aspect ratio with a square cut head to the mainsail - like a Tornado and a small self tacking blade jib. This may mean she is a bit underpowered when it is light. She has an asymmetric spinnaker tacked to the bow and launched from a 'turtle' secured in the companionway. The mast has a single set of swept-back spreaders with upper and lower shrouds and no backstay. All lines from the mast are fed back to a business-like centre console where there