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Orange is once again burning up the miles towards Cape Horn

Monday April 8th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
From on board Orange Nick Moloney reports...

Yesterday brought upwind conditions. Throughout the day the strength built into the 20s and 30s. Herve [Jan] commented "I can't believe we are hard on the wind in the bloody 50s." Throughout the evening and into this morning the wind direrction has moved through the North into the NW and conditions swung from wet to wetter. Wetter but faster and we are currently doing 25+ towards Cape Horn.

The sky is grey, the horizon is only a few miles away due to the mist and waves. Our world is pretty small but active as horizontal hurricanes are streaming off our bows again.

Last night a few lads were moving the jib lead and through the lumination of their red shaded headlamps, I could see that we were travelling along as a ball of liquid smoke. There was thin spray continually fizzing through the tramp and about twice the height of a person. Last night we heard a dodgy sound as we were crashing along, but after inspection found nothing. What could it be?

I'm awaiting the next weather GRIB (data file contain wind speed and direction data) to see what lies ahead for the next few days. I'm not too stressed about the wet as our progress is great. We are all just hoping that the wind holds. There's under 2,700miles to go to the corner now when we turn can left. Then it will just get warmer every day.

I've been stuffing my wet thermals in the bottom of my sleeping bag to dry them with my body heat as I sleep. I emptied it out today and found one stray sock and a toastie warm hat.....what a bonus!

Time to grab some food

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