Spain looks into IRM racing

Spanish sailors are big IMS fans, but is a change in the air?

Friday November 17th 2000, Author: Andy Rice, Location: United Kingdom
Spain, that great bastion of IMS racing, appears to be showing an interest in the RORC's new baby, IRM. James Dadd of the RORC Rating Office is due to fly to Spain after their national sailing authority requested a presentation on the rule and its workings, Mike Urwin told madforsailing.
'We do not actively promote it,' said Urwin, who masterminded the IRM rule. 'But if sailors show an interest then we are happy to tell them about it.' Urwin believes the rule is gaining popularity as people realise that, 'It is a rule that promotes fast, stiff, powerful boats allied with a simplicity of measurement and administration.'

While Urwin applauded the Admiral's Cup Management Committee's decision to make next year's event a one-design championship, his personal hope was that the small-boat category would be filled by an IRM class in 2003.

'The trouble with one-designs is that they don't promote development. An IRM class on the small-boat division would mean we would see some development and experimentation without it becoming prohibitively expensive,' he said.

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