That Was The Week......

No wind, No Fuel, No Sailing as man and nature conspire to change the game plan
As the summer championship season ended it went out like a lamb, last week saw several series ending early as calm weather locked over Europe. The Star class European Championship in Hungary finished early stopping the charge of Hubert Raudaschal just as he was within sight of the title. While in Jersey the flying Mohr brothers were also halted as the wind disappeared after a storming recovery from a disastrous start in the Hobie 16 Europeans. The Jardine brothers made no such mistake at Weymouth, getting in the results early to take the J24 National title. For the BT Challenge it was a slowly,slowly start as they crept down the Solent with the spectator fleet causing most of the movement. An anticlimax for the competitors but there will be plenty of time for the real sailing. As the Olympic Games came closer our medal hopefuls had their share of problems with rogue winds and tight measurements but Ian Walker and the rest of the team are ready to do their bit. In the UK the fuel crises looks set to wipe out most of this weekend's Open Events, with few risking any long distance travel, and the Southampton Boat Show will be hoping for a speedy resumption of fuel supplies to bring in the crowds and the late exhibits.