Mark Covell

Britain's Star representative talked to madforsailing after Tuesday's racing
After their great escape on Day 10, we got hold of Mark Covell to see how he was enjoying the Olympic experience. mfs - This is your first Olympics, is it what you expected? MC - No, not really. Everyone told me that no matter how much preparation you do, no matter how much you try to take the tension out of it, it will always seem like the Olympics. With the media hype, the village, you cannot make it feel like another regatta, which is your aim - but for me it has just felt like another regatta. I’ve been to World Championships where I’ve been more nervous. I was pretty nervous before the first race, but everything else seems normal. The fact that there are familiar faces everywhere, journalists that I know, living with the team, working with our coaches who we’ve been with all year. Nothing‘s different. We came here last year, which was a big thing just after the worlds. Obviously the hype is here, but it’s outside our environment and we’re doing a good job keeping it there. mfs - You’re half way through the regatta now, how difficult has it been? MC - Well, we’ve had good days and we’ve had bad days. The first day was a good day, even though the second race was frustrating because we threw away some valuable points. All along we’d learnt from the first week’s sailing in the other fleets that a lot of people had been punished for being too conservative. I guess in the second race we should have consolidated some good places, rather than attacking too much - so that was frustrating. So there have been high points and low points. We’re half way through and it’s very obvious that you can have some really bad races.