Farewell to Team Cathy Foster

As Shirley Robertson's Yngling crew get the nod for Athens

Friday October 10th 2003, Author: Team Cathy Foster, Location: United Kingdom
The team write:

Some of you have already heard the basic news, but here it is in a little more detail.

We finished 12th in Cadiz out of 43 boats. We were very pleased to have achieved our best result of the campaign in the most competitive event of the year. The racing was really tough, every half-boat length counted and it was great sailing. Our peers were astonished at the improvement we have made in the last few months.

Unfortunately, an hour after we came ashore we were told by the British Selectors that they had chosen to select Shirley, Sarah and Sarah for Athens 2004 on the basis that Shirley was a Sydney 2000 medallist, and that her results this year were good enough, especially after winning the Test Event in Athens.

Our Worlds result, while good (and recognised as a great achievement after only twelve months of sailing), was not god enough to persuade the Selectors that the process should be extended to give us time to fulfil our proven potential. In our heart of hearts we realise that we season spent sailing needed just a little more time. We made major steps forward in achieving reliably good boat speed in various wind and wave states, our mark roundings were a lot better and our tactics were sharper - we had learnt the lessons from Warnemünde. However our instincts were still a bit defensive and what was lacking was just a little more risk at key moments to improve the results by the critical 3-5 places each race - something only solved by more time learning to rely on our new found speed.

So it’s the end of the road for Team Cathy Foster. We did our best. We have received accolades for an outstanding professional campaign, and for improving so much in the last couple of months. It's good that others recognize that we did a good job but just ran out of time.

We’re trying to sort our lives out now after this abrupt ending.

Annie took up a great offer to go sailing in the Rolex Women’s Keelboat event, Annapolis, USA with Sally Barkow and crew. This is a big women’s only fleet race held in J22’s with four crew, hence the need for established Yngling teams to import a fourth person. We’re delighted to report she won – 1st out of 63 boats! She said "it makes me realise how much stuff we got right and how good we were." She enjoyed herself!

In the meantime we have started putting the campaign to bed - a process that will probably take around three months by the time all the accounts are sorted out.

So for the future:
- We intend to do one last diary entry so expect at least one more e-mail
from us!
- We will keep the website news section running for a bit with news items as
they occur
- If anybody wants us to do a talk for your club about our campaign, give us
a ring
- We have a very fast Yngling 'Hot Gossip' for sale, plus numerous spares
- Jane's older Yngling, which is a great boat for those just coming into the
Class, is also for sale
- We all three have an empty diary ready to fill with sailing opportunities
- Cathy is looking for coaching work or anything that might employ her
- Jane is also looking for work – she was a top notch Live Events Producer
before becoming full-time sailor
- Annie is looking for anything that will pay her something!

Thank you everyone who has supported us. You’ve been great.

Cathy, Annie and Jane
Team Cathy Foster

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