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SP-High Modulus launch SE84 Nano

Tuesday March 29th 2011, Author: James Boyd, Location: none selected

SP-High Modulus, the marine business of Gurit, has launched SE 84 Nano, a new high performance hot-melt epoxy prepreg incorporating 3M™ Matrix Resin, at the JEC Composites Show in Paris.

SE 84 Nano has been developed for marine applications where compressive performance is a key requirement. When vacuum bag moulded, SE 84 Nano exhibits a 20% increase in compressive strength compared with SP-High Modulus’ SE 84LV, through a combination of SP-High Modulus proprietary formulation technology and 3M™ Matrix Resin. This union of technology delivers a significant boost to mechanical properties with the cure and handling characteristics of SE 84LV. SE 84 Nano retains a flexible cure envelope with cure as low as 80°C or for faster moulding of components at 120°C. It is compatible with vacuum bag, press-moulding, autoclave and other pressure moulding processes. It can be used in sandwich structures with honeycomb and foam and retains compatibility with the toughened SA 80 Adhesive Film. With its very high compressive strength SE 84 Nano is ideal for use on components with strength-driven designs such as dagger boards, bulkheads, fixing plates and hull inner skin. 

Graham Harvey, General Manager Marine at Gurit comments: “With the launch of SE 84 Nano SP-High Modulus is able to offer customers a high-performance prepreg that can offer a significant increase in compressive strength over our comparable prepregs. We expect that this product will benefit designers, engineers and builders of sailing boats at the cutting edge of performance, who could seek to use SE 84 Nano to achieve lighter parts for the same strength or a strength bonus for stiffness-dominated applications”.

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