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List of 'abstracts' published

Wednesday July 6th 2011, Author: James Boyd, Location: New Zealand

The provisional list of 'abstracts' for next year's High Performance Yacht Design conference has been published although final papers are still subject to review by the technical committee.

The next High Performance Yacht Design conferencewill be held over 12-14 March and the venue has been confirmed as the brand new Marine Events Centre in Auckland's Viaduct Basin. This state of the art building will literally be a stone's throw from the moored Volvo 70s, allowing easy access to all of the stopover events.

List of abstracts

Sampaio, L. - A new low-spurious-error discretization scheme specially suited for the VOF method, and its applications in hull simulation
Saydam, Z. - Investigation of scale effects in sailing yacht hydrodynamic testing
Cudby, K. - Using parametric modelling, CFD, and historical data to estimate planing hull performance on a laptop
Norris, S. - CFD models of sail aerodynamics using Reynolds stress models
Hutchison, C. - Model testing -what's the point? A review of yacht testing and the implications for yacht designers
Salin, N. - Modernization and calculation of the windage of sailing boats standing rigging
Campbell, I. - Tuning of appendages for an IMOCA60 yacht
Barry, C. - Composite techniques for affordable limited production, sustainable high performance yacht construction; not what you might think
Lozej, M. - Pressure distribution on sail surfaces in real sailing conditions
Fossati, F. - Sailing yacht aerodynamics in dynamic conditions
Kleinschmit, B. - Development of the AC72 Class Rule
Imas, L. - Hydrodynamic Performance of a submerged lifting surface operating near the air-water interface at high speeds
Hutchins, N. - Sail CFD and wind tunnel testing for VOR70 Design
Larsson, L. - Investigation of keel bulbs for sailing yachts
Viola, I - On the CFD modelling uncertainty of IACC yachts
Blake, C. - The hydrodynamics of a high-performance semi-planning hull modelled using CFD
Boegle, C - Speed vs stability: Design considerations and velocity prediction of a hydro-foiled international moth
Le Pelley, D. - Aerodynamic force deduction on yacht sails using pressure and shape measurements in real time
Maltz, F. - Robust seaway synthesizer for sailing yacht numerical performance prediction
Visonneau, M. - Anisotropic grid adaptation for RANS simulation of a fast manoeuvring catamaran
Campbell, I. - Evaluation of wind tunnel test results for downwind sail development
Wallace, J. - Thin ply technology for high performance composite marine structures
Prono, D. - Prediction of wave-induced loads on a 50' trimaran by mesh-free methods
Tahara, Y. - CFD calculation of downwind sail performance using flying shape measured in the wind tunnel
Calmon, M. - Hydroelastic behaviour of a foil with variable immersion
Huetz, L - Systematic study of the hydrodynamic forces on a sailing yacht hull using parametric design, CFD and principal component regression.
Application to VOLVO 70 design
Eggers, R. - Steering balance and manoeuvring of sailing yachts predicted with slender body and cross-flow drag theory
Gaillarde, G. - From quasi-steady to unsteady hydrodynamics; how dynamic effects can influence sail yacht performance
Augier, B. - The unsteady aspect of yacht sails dynamic: Full scale experimental study on fluid structure interaction
Lake, S. - Strength of sandwich to single skin transitions
Battley, M - Effect of stiffener compliance on response of curved hull panels
Wilson, R. - A more sustainable hull form
Baker, B. - Maximum power coefficiet method for approximating sail aerodynamics
Richards, PJ. - Wind tunnel investigation of the interaction between two sailing yachts
Andrillon, Y. - Coupled flow-structure simulations of a catamaran
Basset - Is carbon lighter than air?
Boeck, F. - Side force generation of slender hulls
Lombardi, M. - Numerical simulation of sailing boats, FSI, and shape optimization
Goutard, M. - Numerical Modelling of Slamming on elastic panels using a coupled FE-FV Method

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