Jim Saltonstall looks at racing in Plymouth
Plymouth has been a very popular racing venue in Great Britain for many years. Even when I was crewing for Sir Francis Drake, we would always get a good turn out of ships for both our national and international events. Plymouth has plenty of good accommodation, with restaurants, campsites, marinas, and yacht clubs in the city and surrounding areas. The greatest asset for Plymouth is having the large harbour as well as the open sea. Newly developed is the Mountbatten Centre - perfect for the big events at National or International level, when you require plenty of parking space for both cars and boats. Centred in the north-east corner of the harbour, it gives you easy access both to the harbour race area, and out to the open sea through the eastern entrance. The main clubs in Plymouth to host some excellent dinghy events in the past, are the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club and the Mayflower Sailing Club. Race Areas There are two principal race areas at Plymouth. The first being inside the harbour, centred in the middle-to-eastern half, clear of the main shipping channel. This channel passes to the west and through the western entrance. The second race area is normally positioned outside the breakwater, due south of it and slightly to the east, to keep clear of the western entrance. Plymouth is a busy port, with plenty of shipping movements, especially the Royal Navy, as it is now their main port in Great Britain. Inside the Breakwater Wind Direction 340-020 degrees: With the wind blowing out of the north, it is coming over Plymouth Hoe, (where we used to play bowls), which is relatively high ground. As you would expect, the wind is going to be very gusty and shifty. It’s important to be very orientated to the numbers on the