Mad Cowes Hyde smacked

Baker's Mumm 30 gets one in the rump

Thursday August 9th 2001, Author: Sian Cowen, Location: United Kingdom
It really was ' Big Wednesday' for Roger Mavity's J/92 when it collided with Darren and Georgie Baker's Mumm 30 Mad Cow Hyde during another breezy Cowes Week course.

Mad Cow Hyde had yet another eventful day and there to witness it all at first hand was 49er Silver medallist Ian Barker who was on board doing tactics. The Mumm 30s and Class 9 had a downwind start for a five mile run down to Lucas in the East Solent. Mad Cow got away first and maintained their lead doing a fully charged 20 knots through tide. Bowman William Evans said " we had phenomenal speed but as we were punching the tide it was very very wet. It was one of those runs that you'll always remember as it was just full on".

Ian Barker then described what happened next. "We overstood the mark a little but we had a considerable lead at that time, but then we had so much power in the mainsail that the outhaul broke so we had to quickly jury rig one up so we were on the back foot a little, so Sardonyx Vl caught up a bit".

Shortly after that Mad Cow had just settled down on starboard tack when they were hit on the port side of their stern by the J/92 Big Wednesday. Jib trimmer Matt Rawlinson said "the J/92 tacked on to us and just smacked us on the rear. It completely flattened the pushpit and the topsides have lifted where the pushpit is fitted to the deck. They hit us so hard the our boat turned 90 degrees."

Roger Mavity of J/92 Big Wednesday is having an expensive week. He so far has broken a forestay, his vang twice, two spinnakers plus another one today.

Roger commented "we were running parallel to Mad Cow when we tacked to go underneath them but the main sheet jammed so we were unable to bear away enough so we couldn't avoid hitting her stern. Fortunately for me, I don't seem to have come off the worst this time".

Mad Cow through all this managed to keep her lead and took first place in the Mumm class. Ian Barker said "I had a privileged day, sailed with a great crew and had a bit of extra fun thrown in". Ian is sailing with Emma Richards on Friday in her 60 foot Trimaran and warns "look out for a big red multihull especially if the 25 knot winds are still around 'cause it goes real quick".

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