Monsieur Fevrier's America's Cup gallery

France's leading yachting photojournalist, Christian Fevrier has specialised in the America's Cup and the rebirth of the J Class yachts
With the America's Cup Jubilee imminent, madforsailing, in association with Bluegreen photo agency, brings your a selection of America's Cup images from the highly talented French photographer, journalist and historian Christian Fevrier. Based in central Paris where his living space gets smaller by the day as more historic marine artefacts are meticulously labelled, filed and stored, Fevrier is one of the grandees of international marine photo journalism. His main speciality in this field is ocean racing multihulls. He was a regular crew on these extraordinary boats in the 1970s and 80s and witnessed their freeform development in the hands of great French sailing heroes such as Eric Tabarly and Alain Colas. Internationally Fevrier is perhaps best known for his coverage of the America's Cup. He was Team New Zealand's official photographer the year they took the Cup off the Americans in San Diego and covered the last cup for the Figaro magazine and newspaper in Paris. But the Cup is also something in which Fevrier has considerable historic knowledge. His library on this subject would put the New York Yacht Club to shame and he was part of the team which recently retrod the route of the original round the island race course for the Cup, to establish the accuracy of the reports filed on the day when America won 150 years ago. The ever smiling Frenchman whose hair and beard seem to be one, is also a trained graphic artist and was responsible for establishing the style of the ground breaking French yachting magazine Voiles et Voiliers and one of the main influences in the layout of your favourite website... Based in Cowes, Isle of Wight and run by former Yachting World picture editor Karren May, Bluegreen is a new specialist picture agency representing some of the world's best marine