New Mills dk46

Introducing a new mark Mills design for IRC
Mills Design and DK Yachts have teamed up to produce a production IRC design which promises new levels of performance and comfort. Marketed by Boat Sales International, the dk46 draws together three design criteria to achieve the highest performance IRC cruiser/racer: a hull and foils optimised for racing; a specification which will provide a competitive IRC rating; and a spacious and comfortable interior. The result is a genuinely dual-purpose yacht. The dk46 hull shape is geared to perform through a wide range of conditions, balancing light airs pace with the need for speed in a breeze and reaching. The central design theme is reducing resistance both through reduced wetted surface area and wave-making drag, separating the stability requirements to be met by the large ballast package and deep fin. With increased rule support for aft-swept spreaders and non-overlapping rigs, the preferred rig solution is a tall carbon two spreader fractional rig with halyards for both masthead and fractional spinnakers. Rig dimensions have been carefully adjusted to balance aspect ratios and areas avoiding any weakness in light conditions. Off wind the masthead spinnakers on over-length poles set new levels of performance in all conditions. This simple rig configuration promotes a clean and optimised deck layout, featuring contoured seats and coamings in the cockpit, ensuring relaxed comfort while cruising with no impedance to efficient racing. Driven by twin carbon wheels,placed well outboard for maximum visibility, the driver is close to his mainsheet and tactical hands. Underdeck mainsheet and traveller leads maintain a tidy and snag-free working area, and helps bring all the major adjustments to the main trimmer. Stability is provided by the SG iron fin and large lead bulb, while the carbon rudder and stock ensure accurate responses and sensitive control. In conjunction with Mark Tucker of Design Unlimited Mills Design