Match race demon

James Boyd spoke to Magnus Holmberg last year's Swedish Match Tour champion now helmsman for Victory Challenge
Sweden's America's Cup campaign, Victory Challenge, had a major set back this week with the death of their main backer, television and telecoms entrepreneur Jan Stenbeck. The team have confirmed that despite this tragedy their campaign will continue. Prior to Mr Stenbeck's passing away we spoke to helmsman Magnus Holmberg (left) about the campaign and about the Swedish Match Tour, of which he is one of the original architects. Come 1 October and the start of the Louis Vuitton Series it will be a toss up between Magnus Holmberg, 40, and the equally talented former Dane and Soling gold medallist Jesper Bank over who will take the helm of the Swedish Challenger. "Normally me and Jesper are steering one boat each," Holmberg says of their training programme. "The decision has not been made as to who will steer. It will be a decision made right before we start the Louis Vuitton Series and we're a small team, so it will be very important to keep everyone on their toes. "We don't want to divide the team into an A and a B team. We're one team and we're all going to do it together and I'm sure there'll be changes down the road, maybe someone will get injured or we'll see how people develop. So who is on the boat for the first race it won't be clarified until we are very close." Holmberg, who is no relation to Oracle's Peter Holmberg, has an impressive list of sailing credentials. He has represented Sweden in the Olympics in 1984, 1992 and 1996 and was runner up in the Soling Worlds in 1995 and winner in 1996. Last year he was winner of the whole Swedish Match Tour, an accolade his namesake has taken off him this year. Early on in